Kobo Lookbook eReader

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Lookbook eReader- The Future of Reading

eBooks are widely used throughout society today. In fact, it became an alternative way of reading materials that can entertain us and can provide relevant knowledge for our lives. It converts the hard copy of any page and makes it possible to be viewed on a small and handy device.

This device is called an eReader, In order for you to utilize and optimize the benefits and convenience that ebooks offer, you need to have an ebook reader. With such a device your able to view and manage all of your ebooks and other electronic documents.

However, a lot of eReaders nowadays are only offering limited features that limit the usability of the device, and often; these devices are expensive as well. This is one of the main reasons that urged the company Lookbook® to manufacture their own eReader that will help everyone utilize and enjoy the convenience that ebooks offer.

In this article, we will be guiding you through some of the advantages and benefits of choosing the eReader made by Lookbook® compared to other devices that are offered by other companies.

Advantages of The Lookbook eReader

There are a lot of benefits that this product offers to it’s users. Some of these advantages and conveniences are listed below.

  • Clear and Eye-Friendly Display- One of the most important aspects that a user should look for when choosing their reader, is its capability to offer an eye-friendly and non-stressing way of displaying the characters. Just imagine reading on a device where the more you read the more stress is being acquired and it strains your eyes; this will not only affect your productivity, but it will harm the overall wellness of your eyes in the long term.
  • Extended battery life- It is advised that you choose a reader that offers a longer and extended battery life for you to enjoy more of the benefits that come from reading ebooks. All the features and functions of the device would all be useless if the eReader has minimal energy and cannot last for an extended amount of time.
  • Connectivity- Having the option to connect to the outside world is one of the features that you should look for when choosing an eReader. It must provide you the convenience and the benefit of wireless connectivity. By choosing the Shift3 Lookbook eReader, you are assured that you have access to the outside world whenever an active connection is available (WiFi). It allows you to be more updated on the things that happen both locally and globally while giving the option to save or download online ebooks for offline use.
  • Expandable memory- The Lookbook eReader is also designed to have an option for memory expansion. This is vital if you are one of the individuals who are fond of storing large collections of ebooks in your device. It offers you the option to enjoy more because it allows you plenty of room to accommodate larger and more useful information.
  • Cost-effective- With it’s level of quality it sometimes surpasses the features that other competitors are offering. This product is considered to be cost effective when it comes to value or product worth. Recent comparison between the eReader that was made by Lookbook and the device which was made by various competitors, suggests that the Lookbook is cheaper by 40% compared to other brands that offer the same quality.


If you are planning to buy an eReader be sure to choose the brand that caters to your needs. Don’t just settle for anything less. You must choose quality, productivity, and value, just like the this wonderful reader is offering to it’s users.

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