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Lookbook Wireless Reader – The Ultimate Tool for Reading

Articulated communication is one of the special characteristics of the human species that separates us from other animals. With the language skills that we have acquired throughout our history, knowledge has been transmitted intentionally from generations to generations.

History of Books

In ancient times, in order to learn a craft or an art, people had to serve an apprenticeship and spend years with a master learning every detail that constituted the learning process. With the invention of the printing press in the mid 15th Century, however, books could now be reproduced easily and knowledge spread far and wide.

Education became formal and schools and universities were founded around this new invention. The value of books has been immensely cherished by every culture in the history of mankind, this is because books not only teach us relevant things we want or need to know about certain fields in particular, but are also the bricks of history itself.

Black readerBooks immortalize the ideas of great thinkers, allowing anyone in the 21st Century to “hear the voice” of figures such as Niccolo Machiavelli, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzche, and many, many more.

The Royal Library of Alexandria is a great example to show how that the value of books to human beings recognizes no boundaries, neither in space nor in time. The Royal Library of Alexandria was the most magnificent library in the ancient world, containing up to 500 000 books (scrolls) from every corner of the planet.

This was the epicenter of human learning during its existence. It’s very interesting to see the evolution in the form of these books, first written in papyrus to make the scrolls; then printed on by Gutenberg’s Printing Press, and now, a new form of books has been created: ebooks.

The Lookbook Wireless Reader is the ultimate tool available to compile enormous collections of books, similar in essence to the Royal Library of Alexandria, but all just for you, and you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

You can navigate through this digital continuum of knowledge and select any book you like, and read it, just as if you were reading from a paperback book, or even better.

Imagine all the Power

Just imagine the power this would have represented to people like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and other great thinkers of the world who had little or no access to this kind of knowledge. The great Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, once said, that he didn’t take any pride in the books he has written, but instead, in the books he has read. The Lookbook Wireless Reader gives people, who think like Jorge Luis Borges, an opportunity to develop these desires of absorbing knowledge on a daily basis.

white readerWe live in a time where competition is fierce, especially in the work world. People must struggle everyday to thrive and have success in their jobs or with their businesses. This isn’t easy, and one must make the most of everything available and useful that is out there.

Isaac Newton explained his enormous success in the fields of mathematics, physics and mechanics by saying that “he stood on the shoulders of giants”. When he was asked what he meant by that, he responded that throughout his lifetime, he has read so many books, from so many great thinkers, that by interiorizing this marvelous learning experience, he felt he was standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Lookbook Wireless Reader, by Sir Isaac Newton’s logic, is nothing but a house of giants waiting for you to climb onto their shoulders.

Make no mistake, the Lookbook Wireless Reader, is one of the best tools you can use to train yourself better in any field of knowledge there is. It is also a source of pleasure were you can store your favorite literature. By using the this reader you will differentiate yourself from the masses that only use sophisticated expensive gadgets that serve no real useful purpose.

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